A sad week 

A late night / early morning blog from me.   The kids are on half term from college so routines have shifted and I find myself catching up late into the night.

Tomorrow my daughter Alex has her airman coming to visit. He is an American based in Germany and we will be collecting him from the airport on Tuesday.  They plan to spend Wednesday in London doing touristy things and he will fly back to Germany later in the week  We haven’t met him until now so an exciting few days for us all .   I wish him a safe journey and a happy time in our country with Alex.

Wednesday is a sad day for our family.  It will be two years since we lost my lovely sister Sue.  Not a day goes by that I don’t  miss her and would just love to pick up the phone and call her. There are three of us girls and all living in the same town, we saw each other most days and spoke at least once a day.  Since losing her I have felt such a big void and a sadness that is just always there.  They say it gets easier but I have to disagree.  I think you just learn to carry on with the constant sadness.  Life goes on but it’s never the same, just a sadder life.  She was a lovely person, loved to dance, loved to sing (badly) and loved her family.  She was my big sister and I will never ever get over losing her.   Wednesday is just a date…

No further communication from the US embassy. I’m not expecting any as my next step is to book my medical and my interview. I can’t do this until my vaccination records have been found at the GPs office and they are still looking for my notes. Trying not to stress about this right now.

The evenings are getting darker and it’s becoming very autumny.   My mood this week reflects this but hopefully a more cheery upbeat blog coming soon.  Alex’ birthday and the ongoing move to San Francisco will brighten the days ahead I’m sure..


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