Paperwork, paperwork

So I have now been contacted by the US embassy.  My visa has been agreed pending medical and interview.   This is exciting but so daunting… I will now be scheduling a medical but need my vaccination records to take with me and police record.  I’ve applied for the police record so should get that soon.  However, it seems my doctors office have no records of my vaccinations !  They assume that they are on paper somewhere and as everything is now computerised someone has to try and find them !   I can’t do anything now until they’re found.. worrying and a hold up.. but I’m confident it will be sorted, just not sure when.

I’ve been doing some Lovely Letters this week.  A lady has ordered some for her wedding. Her and her partners initials and two butterflies.   They are white with pale blue accessories to match her theme.  Just finished them and they look lovely…..I really hope she is happy with them.

My lovely daughter Alex has her birthday coming up.  19 years old !  Where has that time gone?   However, I’m immensely proud of her.  She has achieved so much despite some health issues which will hopefully be finalised by Christmas and she can then move ahead with her life goal.  To join the American Air Force.  This is all she has ever wanted to do and been the main reason behind us moving to the US. I wish her a very happy birthday and send her all my love and best wishes for her future life.

Can’t believe it’s almost the end of October.  This year has flown by and certainly since making the decision to move to San Francisco, the time is racing by.. so much to do.  Our home to be sold and our personal things to be packed ready for shipping.  My brother is my project manager for this as soooo much to think about.  After Christmas, once my visa is issued I’m sure everything is going to snowball.  Help !   Scary or what !!


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