This year is racing on….

My goodness it has turned cold this weekend.  Hard to remember the long warm days of summer when we are now into early dark evenings and thick woolly clothes.

Yesterday we celebrated my daughter Alex’s 19th birthday.  I look at her and can’t believe all those years have passed since she was such a cute little 3 year old with an american twang to her voice. I’m very proud of Alex. She has had some  health issues this last few years but has carried on with her goals and really hasn’t let much get in the way of that.  Her dream is to join the American Air Force. Both her and my son Nick having American passports but this has not made the process of joining any easier for her.  She has worked hard with the Air cadets even when feeling very much less than top form and has been rewarded with recognition and promotion within the ATC.   Within the next few months she will continue with the recruitment process at Lakenheath and hopefully start her training very soon.  Her recruiter at Lakenheath  is certainly impressed with her determination and we are very proud too.  We celebrated yesterday with family visiting in the evening.  Plenty to eat and drink and lots of laughter.  That’s what we do…..

My son Nick has no desire to join the American Air Force.  He is currently at sixth form college and would like to move into forensics at the end of his studies.  Our move to the US will hopefully enhance his dreams.  Nick is the quieter of my children and tends to keep his hopes and dreams to himself currently.  Since leaving school this summer he has involved himself in some community projects with his friends in  the NTS government scheme offered to young people at the end of their time at secondary school.  It has really made a difference to Nick.  He met new friends which has carried on after the scheme ended and it also opened his mind to the challenges being met by vulnerable groups within our community.  I cannot praise the NTS scheme enough and recommend it for all of our school leavers.

In my ongoing quest for my immigrant visa to the US, I have now made my appointment for my medical examination.  This will take place in London  this week and I must admit to feeling very nervous about this.  I haven’t a clue what the medical involves, just that it will take up to two hours.  Yet more paperwork to take with me but I’m ready.  Once this is completed and all being well, I can book my interview at the American embassy.

Plenty of button letters, butterflies and hearts completed this week.  I love to make them as they are all different and people always seem very pleased with them. Will get busier with that in the lead up to Christmas, then I will wind that down in the new year in preparation for the move..

Hopefully in my next update to you I will tell you what happened at the medical.  Have a good week ..


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  1. Lesley says:

    Love reading about your dreams & plans for the future Julie xx Hope your medical goes well xx

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