It’s beginning to look a lot like Autumn !

Today’s been a funny old day.  An early trip to Colchester and the weather was brilliant sunshine one minute and torrential rain the next !  Like spring…but colder !

I’ve received the first part of my application to move to America back as ‘accepted’. This is by no means the go ahead I’m waiting for.  It actually means my application has  been accepted by one department and will now be forwarded to another department at the American embassy.   Within eight weeks I should receive an appointment to have a medical (!) and then an appointment for an interview .  All exciting stuff !!

I now find that if I sit down for any length of time I think…I really should be doing something..packing..labelling..filling in forms… I have this feeling that after Christmas, once I get the go ahead…there just won’t be time to do everything.

Ironically, since making the decision to move to America I have found myself part of an amazing group of friends.  Chanced upon purely by accident but a more caring and funny group of people you could never find if you were looking.  We are all very different people from different walks but when we meet up it all just clicks.  I’ll tell you more about them as time goes by.

Off to do some buttons now.  I started this a couple of years back and thoroughly enjoy making them. Every one is different and personal.  I sit there with my headphones playing my brothers radio show and I’m off into my button world.  


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  1. Christa Emberson says:

    Loved reading this Julie. Really good news regarding your first step on the American adventure. You will be having that medical before you know it! X

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