An absolute medical examination 

Another late night / early morning blog this week.  I haven’t felt able to write until now as I must admit to being petrified at the thought of the medical examination I had to have for my Visa application.  I’m not normally  bothered by that sort of thing.  I’ve been quite healthy all my life and this is the first time I’ve had to have a full medical examination.  We go through life thinking everything is ok and it’s not until we have symptoms of something wrong that maybe we go and visit the GP to get it checked out.  With the medical looming I found myself imagining they may find something that so far hadn’t produced symptoms.  

I had planned to travel to London by myself but my sister Lisa would hear none of it.  We do this sort of thing together she said, she booked the day off work and arrived to pick me up in plenty of time.    After travelling mostly in apprehensive silence we arrived and immediately I was ushered into a room with a nurse and told that my vaccination letter from my surgery was not acceptable proof and I would need to either find my records or have the whole lot again !   They were happy to do them there and then but at a cost and I decided to contact my doctors surgery when I got home.  

While this was going on the doctor went to the waiting room and called my name.  Lisa, thinking they wanted her to come in with me, and the doctor thinking Lisa was me , took her into the examination room.  Lisa went into shocked panic, thinking they were calling her in to tell her some bad news.  ‘Where is she?’ she asked on entering the room.  ‘Who ?’ Said the doctor.  ‘Julie ! ‘ she said. ‘You’re Julie, strip down to your knickers please’.  said the doctor, probably hastily writing on her notes that this person was a schizophrenic.   A complete mix up that caused Lisa at the time to relive terrible conversations with doctors, but afterwards had us both in absolute hysterics ! 

The medical itself was very very ‘thorough’. From the top of the head to the tips of the toes, every nook and cranny was inspected and tested. I just kept thinking ‘ I will never see this person again ‘ and it worked.  Hopefully I will never see that person again !

I was told that if I had heard nothing in three days then there were no issues and my medical report would be forwarded to the US embassy in readiness for my interview. Brilliant.  Now I had to sort out those  vaccines and I had three days to do it in.  

This resulted in my local GP surgery giving me three injections the following day.  I felt like a pin cushion but at least it was done.  

I felt elated when I came out of that medical.  Nothing obvious had shown up but I had three days to wait for the all clear.    I certainly felt a lot better on the journey home than I had on the earlier journey into London…Those three days have now passed and it’s quite a nice feeling..knowing there are no medical issues at this time.

So another hurdle has been jumped across.  My next step is to book the interview with the American Embassy.  Another scary prospect but I’m ready.  I have a feeling it’s going to be eventful..I can just feel it. 

Met up with two of my lovely new friends this evening.  Can’t believe we chatted and laughed for four hours,  the time just flew by !  I feel so lucky to have met this group of people..purely by accident …. was never supposed to be at that place that evening…..but already they have made such an impact on my life.  Every one of us is different but nobody judges and you just dip in and out when you can…they are always just there in the background…ready for whenever you are able to join them…. they have promised me they will come and visit me in San Francisco and I really hope they mean it.  I think it will be like a massive reunion with very special people.  They will be very welcome …. but we have the leaving party to get through first.  

I can’t believe we are getting so close to Christmas.  Time to write cards and start thinking about gifts.   I keep thinking….this is my last Christmas here xxx


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  1. Lesley says:

    Oh Julie, I’m sitting here now with tears in my eyes! So honoured to be one of your special friends, so pleased that your planning your future, but so sad that you’re leaving 😢 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christa Emberson says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I now have a friend who is a blogger!! Thank you. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. juliereid01 says:

      Ooooh. thank you Christa….please share the link with all your friends…you never know..they may be interested too…thank you xxxx


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