Is it this cold in San Francisco right now ?

December has arrived.  Feeling soooo cold but at least we have Christmas to look forward to.  Before that I have my interview for my visa at the American Embassy and I will at last find out if I’m going to the US next year.  I feel in limbo until I’m actually told so Christmas preparations are a welcome distraction.  I must admit I am getting very nervous about the interview.  This Christmas will either be a fantastic celebration or a very sad time.  I will be so disappointed if I am turned down.  I’m hoping that as 75% of my immediate family are moving there…they’ll let me in …. Wish me luck … xx

I have been invigilating this week for year 11 mock exams.  I love spending time in the school and will certainly miss this when and if I leave the UK.  I love listening to the students as they prepare for their exams.  Some take to it easily and breeze through the process but some become very anxious and are pleased to see an encouraging smile as they enter the exam room.  I have been doing this for about six years now and although the actual exam and walking up and down the rows of students for 90 minutes or so can be a little boring, I use this time to do all of my thinking and planning.  I can do a complete food shop in my head during exam time and Christmas presents are  planned in plenty of time.

This week my son Nick had his friend Harry over.  What a character Harry is.  He talks about things so openly and we are all in hysterics by the time he goes home. Harry will talk about things I could never have spoken about in front of my parents, and my Nick visibly cringes in hysterical embarrassment at some of the things he says.  In some ways Harry is a 16 year old kid and others his maturity and outlook is way beyond his years.  We have known Harry since he and Nick were at nursery school together and he has grown into a very funny and extremely likeable young man.

Our  dog Barney hasn’t been well this week.  Barney is nearly 14 now but is still very agile and loves a run.  Earlier in the week he didn’t get out of his bed… was horrible as he didn’t come to greet us at the door or run around us for a treat at all….. we were all very worried.. it’s so hard as they can’t tell you what’s wrong.. his eyes looked really sad and you could tell he didn’t feel good.  Really pleased to say that by the end of the day he was moving around a bit more and now he’s almost back to his old self.  Dogs can’t tell you when they don’t feel 100% and just fancy a duvet day can they?

I thought I would add this picture … earlier in the week there was a post on Facebook…Do you remember when you called into a garage ..and you were served your didn’t even have to get out of  your car..someone would remove your fuel cap ..fill up your tank…take your money …. and bring your change back out to you.   That was our family.   My parents owned this petrol station and each of us worked there at some point in our lives…mine was evenings after school and Saturdays… brilliant times !

Really looking forward to this coming weekend.  Our new social group The Pings are having their Christmas party.  Can’t wait to spend time with this crazy bunch… I think we will definitely be getting into the Christmas spirit !


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  1. Lesley says:

    Just love this Julie xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Avril Newton says:

    I want to meet Harry….lol….see you soon at The Pings Crimbo Meal xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mandy says:

    Good luck with the interview
    I’m sure it’s just a formality
    I can’t believe your so close to leaving our fair British isles

    Liked by 1 person

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