Thinking ahead

Just about a week to my interview and as it’s getting nearer, I’m getting more apprehensive.  I find myself thinking of what the interview will entail so  I decided to google ‘what will happen at my visa interview at US Embassy in London. ‘.   I needed  to add London as there were lots of articles written on obtaining a visa from India or Australia but very little  specifically to London. This has made me think that when this is all completed I will definitely do a separate page and possibly a YouTube page on there is so little up to date information on this.  Most are pre 2010 or don’t cover the UK.  Maybe  I can make the process easier for someone else in the future as the main thing I’ve found  is that there is very little information available specifically for my situation…and there is no phone helpline.  It really is a case of stick with it..keep pressing the links..ask for help on social media..and pray..

My appointment is at 11am.  Not easy to get to Grosvenor Square from Halstead and I’m advised to arrive early.  Any later than my time slot and I will be turned away.  Praying for an easy train and tube journey that day !    Other than that I’m not to take in a mobile phone or any keys (not quite sure what I’ll do with them) and expect a queue to enter the building.  I’ve been there many times before so know all about the queuing !

My daughter Alex has had the brunt of my concerns this week.  We tend to stay up later than everyone else in our house and chat about stuff.  She laughs at my insecurities over the interview.. but makes quite sensible suggestions to help…it was her idea to use Google and I must admit I have used it quite a bit on her advice and found it  helpful for this when there seems little Embassy help.

Another ‘useful’ article I found is ’36 things you should know before moving to San Francisco ‘….. Did you know that there is a lack of seasons there?  Basically it’s the same warm pleasant temperature all year round.   That’s eeerie I think.  Personally I love our season changes, particularly winter to spring when new buds appear and the days get warmer and longer.  Also, however hot and sunny it is when you walk out the door, you must always take a light jacket with you. The temperature ebbs and flows throughout the day, even if you stay in one area. If you’re travelling  to another neighbourhood, it may change even more drastically. I must remember not to make the classic rookie mistake of being caught without a jacket when the fog rolls in.  Something else to know is that if you move to San Francisco, you’ll have to resign yourself to the fact that there will come a time when you’re sitting watching tv and you’ll experience a shaking feeling. No, you’re not having a dizzy spell – that was an earthquake. Located on six fault lines, San Francisco experiences lots of little earthquakes. Get used to it and keep your fingers crossed that the next one won’t be the Big One…..Gulp !

Something else is that moving  to San Francisco is like stepping into some bizarre dream world. Eventually, you’ll see a guy walking down the street wearing nothing but a pink tutu and carrying a toy poodle and you won’t even bat an eye. That’s when you’ll know you’ve truly acclimated to this wonderful place …’ looking forward to that day !

Legend has it that San Francisco has more dogs than kids.  In many cases, the dogs are quite fashionable and wear hats or sunglasses. There are lots of dog-friendly bars and dog parks to keep your furry friend entertained.    Barney will be happy then ! Finally for now..The smell of pot is common….Medical marijuana is common and so is the smell that goes along with it. New York is associated with roasting chestnuts wafting through the air and San Francisco is associated with the smell of pot wafting through the air.  Ha ha…saves taking an aspirin for a headache then !

Its worth remembering that I won’t actually be living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We will be about an hour away so maybe some of these won’t apply …..

We had a chance to meet the tutors at Nick and Alex’ college on Thursday.  It was a chance to get an update on how they’re doing and I’m really pleased  with both their progress.  Alex has taken a third year to get extra qualifications under her belt before joining the Air Force and I think she’s happy with how she’s doing .  It was a lovely surprise to bump into Alex’s French teacher from Ramsey Academy at the college with her son.

We had The Pings Christmas meal this week.  About 20 of us met for lunch at 1pm.. and then made our way around Halstead hostelries until nearly midnight.    A fabulous day with lovely people.  I am really going to miss each and every one of this group and I feel sad when I think about that.

Christmas decorations going up this weekend. Funny to think they’ll be coming down from the loft tomorrow but unlikely to be going back to the loft after Christmas


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  1. Avril Newton says:

    I will miss you so much…..xxxx

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    1. Sue warner says:

      Will miss you Lovely lady. X

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  2. Angie xx says:

    Love reading about your new & exciting times ahead ❤ keep up with theveryone blogging xx

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  3. Mart says:

    Im free in Januaury now btw xx

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