Beautiful weather


It’s absolutely freezing but lots of sunshine most days.

This week has been mainly sorting stuff to take to the US  and to dispose of.  Our loft is being emptied bit by bit and it’s amazing the things we have found.  I think I mentioned before that my kids have always been against disposing of any of their childhood things and just as I knew it would eventually, these things are now being looked at again and memories have come back to the surface.

Nick  has found his collections from years ago.  He loved Doctor Who and has cards and figures all packed away.  He collected Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon which again we have thousands of collector cards.  The challenge to him was to decide what he wants to do and I’m pleased to say in most cases he has decided to get rid of them.  We have listed some of these sets on eBay as someone may collect them and it seems such a pity to just take them to the dump.  Will wait and see whether there is any interest.


Like my mother, I have kept every Birthday, Mother’s Day and Christmas card given to me by my husband and children.  Over the years this has amounted to quite a stash and although I certainly will be taking some of the special me they’ve all been special for one reason or another and again, I’ve had to be pretty ruthless.  I don’t want to go to my new home in the US without any of this as to me it’s important to keep some things to look back on with a smile but yes I have had to dispose of some of it.. that wasn’t easy but I do feel better having done it.  I know that what I’ve kept I can still look at in years to come and not have to wade through piles and piles.

When I was younger I went to Malta with my friend Jean.  I had just been through a divorce and we decided to have a girls holiday as I had never done that before.  We couldn’t have picked a worse resort.  We were hoping to have a great time with like minded young people but found ourselves in a hotel full of ‘more mature’ groups that we had nothing in common with.  We had a nice time and did plenty of sunbathing but didn’t really meet any people of our own age and by the end of it we were quite looking forward to coming home.  I particularly remember us counting down in the last week or so.. only four more sleeps..only three more breakfasts etc etc.     Anyway, about three days before the end of our holiday we were sunbathing on the beach and two guys came along  in a speedboat.  Very exciting for us as they were the only people we had seen for a week that were our age.  We chatted and they  asked if we would like to go for a trip round the island with them in their boat.  In those days we wouldn’t have worried about the dangers of this.  We were in our high twenties and obviously knew it all (ha ha ).  You wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing nowadays but things really were different back then.  It was fantastic to see a bit more of the island and certainly a lot of fun being with people of our own age at last.  These guys wanted to show off a bit so the boat was getting quite fast and we were hitting waves and loving it.  Unfortunately we hit a particularly high wave and I came down on my back, throwing me to the bottom of the boat.    I was in agony and they had to get the boat to dry land and call an ambulance.  I lost the feeling in my legs and I spent quite a while in hospital there as I needed nine seats on a plane to bring me home. I had in fact broken the bottom three vertebra in my back and needed complete bed rest.  Looking back it was a horrendous time as I couldn’t speak their language and just wanted my mum.  My friend Jean was amazing.  She just took care of everything and I can never thank her enough for everything she did for me.   Eventually we got a flight home and I was taken straight to hospital from the airport by ambulance.  It was many months before I was up on my feet again and i received lots of get well cards from work colleagues, friends and relatives.  I found these cards yesterday and some of them are really funny.  I don’t think I had much of a sense of  humour back then but yesterday I was in hysterics.    How can I get rid of those memories?   They are part of who I am today.  So I’ve kept them !  Loads of them !

That accident paved my future. I was advised not to become pregnant as it was unlikely I would be able to take the weight of a baby to full term.  My back would remain weak but I just thank God and my lucky stars the feeling came back and I recovered fully.  It took me a further ten years to risk carrying a baby which is why both my children were born when I was more ‘mature’ …

So… the box was started that contains as well as cards etc from many years ago..also memories from the last 20 years, certainly since we have lived in Halstead.  School photographs from the kids and the like.  Well I can’t get rid of those can I ??

Next week I’m starting the linen cupboard.  Now you may laugh at this but my linen cupboard is in my office and is shelved and huge.  So… It also contains DVDs of my kids growing up.  Music CDs that my brother Martin did at the birth of each of my children.  They are hilarious and I love to listen to them even now.   He created a radio station called Halstead Radio and made it quite similar to the old Capital Radio, with its own flying eye over Halstead for traffic reports.  His was called the flying eyepatch …The traffic reporter was called Jethro and I’m trying for the life of me to remember what his saying was… something to do with Halstead chickens being  big and buxom.  When I was having Alex he called all of our family up on air and asked what they thought I would have.  A boy or a girl.  It was so funny and he even went into Humes the bakers in the high street with his microphone to ask what they thought I would have….     I could never ever throw these away.  Maybe Alex and Nick will listen to them sometime.   Martin has now moved on to bigger and better…


I haven’t seen the Pings at all this week.  Next Friday we are going to see a Queen tribute band and I think there will be about 20 of us.  Really looking forward to that.

im still waiting for my visa to arrive from the US embassy.  Even though I know it’s  been granted I’m still holding back on certain things until it’s in my hands.  I’ll keep you posted.

Trip to the hairdressers this week to see the lovely Mel at The cutting shed.  Each time she promises to make me look like Sharon Stone.  Hopefully by the time I move Mel ? Xx

Thank you so much for reading my blogs.  I’ve had over 4000 views now which is amazing as I’m not really sure what people are finding so interesting.  I had to go to the butcher in Halstead this week.  I don’t know him at all and really don’t go there very often.  But this week I walked in and he said  ‘I know’s the move going ? ‘   It seems he’s been reading my blog which is lovely.  Please leave a comment if you can.  I love to hear from you.

Until  next time






10 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh Julie what a lovely blog this week. I can imagine the fun and laughter you must of had reminiscing. Can’t wait to hear what you find in the airing cupboard lol xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sue warner says:

    Sorry Julie that was my comment above I forgot to log in

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Julie your blogs are so fun to read…lol
    I think we all like them and find them interesting to read because your warmth shines right on through. It’s like your sitting right in the room with us having a conversation.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. melissa says:

    I love your blog! It is so authentic. And I love the new look. I am excited for you about your move and I am SO happy that you kept all of those things! Keep writing! We’re listening!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lisa says:

    Good blog Ju enjoyed reading it.You could take A photo of each card and the message inside on your phone. Less weight to carry and you can then back it up onto an external hard drive, to look at when you felt like it ? Wonder how much stuff Alex will want to keep from her boxes lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. juliereid01 says:

      It’s not just the words inside the card tho.. it’s the feel of the card..the age of it etc etc… can’t leave them behind xx


  6. Vicky says:

    Such a fun blog. Sorry to hear about your injury though! Very jealous of your move to the USA by the way! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Avril says:

    Oh my goodness me Julie….if that had happened to me id be absolutely petrified….and id want my mum too…so glad you recovered and could have the children…also know what you mean re keeping the cards…its the feel and smell of them too!! looking forward to seeing you on Friday…..muchious love xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  8. London2Paris2017 says:

    I remember those cards Nick had! Always used to show us them!
    And the CD’s from when Alex n Nick were born! They were brilliant! Loving your blog… hope you still remember us when you’re famous from it! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. juliereid01 says:

      Aaaw Gracie don’t dare say things like that ….already tearful xx


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