Not a good week …

It started so well.    Packed boxes into the loft and this week to clear up and get the house on the market…. Alex and Nick on half term so we were set.

On Monday morning I started to feel really rough.  I rarely get colds and certainly not the flu…and you may remember I’d had that flu jab the US embassy had insisted on for my visa application… There was no way I was going down with anything.

How wrong could I be.  Since Monday I have hardly moved from my bed as have felt so bad and absolutely drained.   My throat has been very sore and a blinding headache too.   Those that know me know this just doesn’t happen to me.  I rarely succumb to illness and yet here it was, when I needed it the least.  By Thursday I thought I was feeling a bit better but woke with my eyelids stuck closed.  I now had an eye infection in both eyes which stopped me wearing my contact lenses and by the end of the day made me look like I’d done half a round with Mike Tyson.

I now have antibiotics for my eyes which will hopefully start working soon and I can get on.   This has put me back a week which isn’t great as I only have two weeks before I leave for San Francisco. Preparing for that and making sure everything’s covered this end while I’m away is my next task.  Ah well.

Alex’ airman boyfriend Justin arrived from Germany this week.   Lovely to see him … although not easy through stinging eyes… but they have a few busy days planned including hopefully him meeting some  of our family.  My brothers have always made a thing of meeting the suitors our young female family members have bought home and tried hard to make it a daunting occasion for the girls.  However, the young ladies are getting immune to it and the  brothers are realising these young men are usually a lot younger and fitter than they are and perhaps they’re the ones that should be scared !  Bless their hearts… they’re just looking out for you girls

You may know that my brother Martin has his own internet radio station. and he broadcasts live on Saturday mornings between 9-11am.  He can  be quite funny at times and plays great music .  Once I’m in the US I will become his ‘Stateside correspondent ‘. reporting  on all things America. Believe me, anything I can’t find out I’ll be making up  and do I care that I’ll be reporting at 2am on Saturday mornings local time? … not in the least.  Bring it on.

Made a couple of pretty Lovely Letters this week and still have a few more to do before my trip to the US for my visa entry.  Then everything to do with Lovely Letters will be packed ready for shipping to America.  I hope to do these in the future as I so love doing them…but really have no plans to at the moment.

A lovely lovely family get together tomorrow celebrating a very special birthday for my brother Geoff .  Really hope my eyes are a little better by then as cant imagine being able to go like thus !




So not much of a blog this week…. hopefully back next week full of vigour and determination to get on as opposed to this  week when I found it difficult to do much at all.  My plan is that our house will be For Sale by my next update… I’ll let you know

I thought I would add some more photos.

img_1972Me aged about 5 in Romford Market.  I’m the one in the middle.


This is me with my lovely Grace … and Grace with her mum, my sister Sue….I’ll be telling you about Grace’s marathon biking challenge and when this ‘charitable woman’ became a keen cyclist very soon.

Until next time ….



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  1. ttibben says:

    Good luck with your move.

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