On my way to San Francisco 

So here I am .  39,000 feet up looking out on a beautiful blue sky.   4.5 hours left of an 11 hour flight and I’m feeling quite relaxed.  It could be that on this British Airways flight from Heathrow to San  Francisco you are constantly offered complimentary drinks from the time you board.  A couple of vodka and tonics and I settled down to watch an in flight film.   I’ve heard about La La Land so decide to give that a try and must admit to turning it off after ten minutes.  Just not my kind of film at all and I ended up watching Bridget Jones Baby which was just easy watching …with two vodkas and tonics it’s all I needed.     After that my headphones and  George Michael for a while. 

Really wasn’t looking forward to this trip.  Absolutely hate leaving Randy and the kids behind and just don’t like being away from them really.   I know.  I’m a bit sad…..

I haven’t spoken to anyone apart from airport check in and security since I left Randy at drop off.   The plane is quite full and I am next to a group of four guys on their way to San Francisco for a week on business.  They work for an Internet company and have taken full advantage of the complimentary drinks and are quite merry.  Not rowdy but funny and entertaining at times.    I haven’t actually spoken to anyone except them and feel quite lonely.   Most people are with partners and family and I’ve never travelled this far on my own before now.    I’ve travelled around the country with my work before now but Randy and I haven’t spent two weeks apart in all our time together and I’m not looking forward to that.  Will really miss him, Alex and Nick.  

So this trip is to make my initial Visa entry to the United States which must be made before May 8th and I have all my documents from the US embassy to present on arrival.   Feeling a little apprehensive at this final part of the visa process.  Once this is done I should be able to travel back and forth to the UK on my English passport with my American Immigrant Visa.  

I found it quite hard to pack a suitcase with a restriction of 51 Ibs.  You wouldn’t think that but I have bought a box of special bits from home.  Some important photos, music dvds my brother Martin  did when my kids were born, family movies, all that mean the absolute world to me and other special things I didn’t want to ship over later.   This way they are already safely here and I don’t have to worry about them getting mislaid etc.  I also bought some warm clothes as I believe we are going to Washington for a couple of days and it’s cooler there.    But I have also bought 3/4 trousers, sandals, t shirts and a swimsuit and definitely looking forward to the warmer weather of California and Carol and Barry’s  hot tub.   

Ooooh. A passenger has just keeled over and smashed his head on the ground. The stewards are looking after him and he seems ok.  Bit worrying .   I think he just felt dizzy getting up to go to the toilet after such a long time sitting in his seat.   He’s travelling alone too but everyone is very kind and making sure he’s ok.  

Thank you so much to everyone that sent me messages before my flight, wishing me luck and a nice time. I really do appreciate your kind thoughts as I go through this process and journey.

I will be updating my blog every few days during this trip, hopefully with photos and telling you everything I’m doing.    Haven’t been able to add any pictures into this blog as on aircraft.   Thank you again for reading.  Please do comment to let  me know you’re there…I’m a long way from home. 

Until next time 


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue warner says:

    Have a fantastic time Julie. Looking forward to hearing all about your first adventure. Stay safe lovely lady big hugs. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sally Fenner says:

    Have a wonderful time Julie, amazing reading your blog when you are in the air xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Avril Newton says:

    Have a fab time Me Julie….you will be back home to RR and the kids before you know it xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your time Buttons, saw Randy today coming out the Co-op with some bread, had a quick chat, he’s ok… you’ll be back before you know it…. relax have a fantastic time, hugs xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. juliereid01 says:

      Aaaaw. Thank you Posh. See you soon… happy birthday xxxxx


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