Sunshine in California

This morning we set our alarm for 5am and left Washington for the over 800 mile journey back down to California. Just as we left my face time went and it was my brother Martin..called by mistake but lucky we were up so early today. It was nice to talk to him on it was yesterday talking to my sister Lisa , with Randy and the kids. I’m sure I will be very grateful for FaceTime in the future.

I think it hasn’t stopped raining since we arrived here but it’s been a great trip. Carol and Barry have been working on an extension to their sons house and I helped while I was here with them. I’m not much of a diy’er but I wasn’t completely useless…and it gave us the chance to look around, do a bit of sightseeing and meet some of their old friends from when they lived up in this area.

On the second day we got a car ferry across from Edmunds to Kingston and visited their great friend Ed in Silverdale. They’ve been friends for over 40 years. When we arrived at his beautiful house Barry went straight to make us a drink as it’s the tradition when they get together. Bearing in mind I haven’t really had much alcohol since I’ve been here I was looking forward to this. It consisted of lots of crushed ice and Bombay Sapphire gin ! He puts olives in the bottom stuffed with blue cheese.   Stirred not shaken…. as Barry says ‘Don’t bruise the booze’.  Wow that went straight to my head as it was incredibly strong with nothing but the gin and the crushed ice. Ed offered to show me round his house and it was gorgeous. Set in half an acre with a beautiful kitchen and gorgeous bedrooms with walk in wardrobes and en suites. A hot tub, a huge garage and a den that was like an entertainment room with tv, games and music. It was a very serene house surrounded by evergreens and I absolutely loved it. He is selling it in June and moving to be closer to his family. I would love for us to buy this house and sent some pictures of it to my daughter Alex to show to Randy. They loved it too but it’s just not in the right place for us. Houses are more expensive in California so we won’t get anything as gorgeous as that I’m sure but I could just see me and RR living there… anyway that drink was lovely and I sailed through the rest of the afternoon. Carol had to drive to the restaurant later as Barry wasn’t in a fit state probably…..was a great day.

The scenery coming back down to California is breathtaking in places and the rain has at last stopped. 7 hours into this drive, the sky is blue and we stop to take photos of mount Shasta covered in snow in the glorious sunshine! A different picture to the one going up just a few days ago but there is snow on this mountain all year long..however hot it gets in California.


On the way back we stopped at Castle Crag. Parked the car and trekked up about half a mile to see some great views of the snow capped mountains through the forest….I’m not good with heights but it was definitely worth the trek…..

Later we stopped at Sundial bridge which is made completely of glass and crosses the Sacramento River. The sundial is huge but I managed to take some photos.   The background to building this bridge is amazing.

Our final stop was at the Rolling Hills casino for dinner which consisted of an all you could eat buffet. Everything looked so good you just didn’t know what to have ! Barry and I registered for the casino and they gave us $20 each to play for free. I didn’t win a penny of course as I hadn’t a clue what I was doing but Barry won nearly $80. A huge place with hundreds of slot machines, blackjack tables etc, fantastic !

Finally, 17 hours after leaving Washington this morning, we arrived back at Oakley. Totally shattered and ready for bed…..

A few more pictures

Saw all these pretty coloured trucks at the side of the road !   Not a good pic as taken from the car but they were all in a line …it was like toy town.


Thanks for reading my blog…I really do appreciate your interest and comments.

Until next time …..


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue warner says:

    Sounds absolutely amazing Julie. X


  2. Lisa says:

    Excellent Pictures !! What a fantastic journey. Looking forward to trying that Gin drink together once you’re back xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Christa says:

    Well I have to say it all looks amazing Julie and you are certainly being well looked after. We all miss you back here but look forward to catching up soon. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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