It’s hot hot hot !

Just a couple of days left before I go back to the UK.  I feel ready to go as this is the type of holiday I would usually take with Randy, Alex and Nick…not on my own.  We would all be off exploring places and this hasn’t really been like that.  Our friends Carol and Barry have kindly let me stay in their home and they have made me very welcome.  They’ve introduced me to their friends and included me in their life but it’s not the same without Randy here so in a way I’m looking forward to going home.

Last night was the second ‘card night’ where we went to a friends house with a dish of food and played cards.  Carols friend hosted the evening and she cooked the main meal of American corned beef..which is nothing like our corned beef at home …cabbage and baked potatoes….their other friend bought a starter of celery, cheese, peanut butter and wafers which I didn’t fancy at all and Carol  bought pumpkin pie for dessert which I’m not keen on also.    I’ve cut right back on the food intake as was really feeling bloated.  All the meals Carol cooks or we go out to eat are delicious and you just have to try everything… well I do.    The evening was great though, these people have really been friendly  and very welcoming during my stay.

Ive spent quite a bit of time on my own today.  Carols neighbour called to say there was something wrong with their dog and could Barry go round ?  They both went and the dog had had an accident or something in the garden and had cut his foot through the main artery.  Carol and Barry  ended up rushing him to the vet for an emergency operation.  The neighbour was going into a meltdown about it and Carol (who never swears) was telling me ‘I said to her “Hey, shit or get off the pot “. I couldn’t stop laughing at this.  If you knew Carol you would have too.

This afternoon Carol took me to the Streets of Brentwood which is a shopping mall…very like our Freeport shopping village.  We went into a fantastic candy store called Sees Candy which had every type of sweet available.   We  also went to an enormous shoe and handbag store.  I could have happily spent a fortune in there.

Its very warm here. 75 – 80 degrees the last couple of days and I’ve been outside a bit.  Yesterday I mowed their lawn with their ride on lawnmower which was hilarious … no pictures sorry.   Today I helped Carol wash their car down.  Not an easy job in this heat but it had all the ingredients for dead fly pie along the front of it after our trip to Washington.


Tonight we went out for pizza and beer at Mountain Mikes .  Barry drank the beer and we all ate the pizza which consisted of pepperoni, Louisiana hot sausage, garlic cloves and anchovies.  Very much like Pizza Hut with its side salad ….a nice pizza


On the way back we stopped at a store that had a machine that you pick out a movie to hire.  All the films are listed and lots of new ones and it cost $1.63 to rent.  Never seen anything like it.  Barry made the popcorn and we had a great movie night.


My Social Security card arrived today.  When I passed through border control at San Francisco on my arrival I was told that my Social Security card and Green card which means I can live and work here, would arrive at my registered address here in the US within six weeks, so I was surprised when that turned up today .  It makes everything a little more real.   Just waiting for the Green card now.

I haven’t managed to look at many houses for sale since I’ve been here.  Everything is online which is fine but it would be nice to talk to an estate agent to look at our options and get an idea.  We found one who promised to call in and meet me but we haven’t seen him yet.    They are very laid back!

I think the most concerning aspect of our move is health insurance for the four of us.   It is expensive and everyone has to have it.     We really should be grateful for the National Health Service in the UK and look after it.

Thank you again for reading my blog.  I’m aware that while I’ve been here it’s been more of a diary and I hope you haven’t found that too boring…

Until next time…..




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen says:

    Morning Julie, lovely read, and well done on the restraint in the shoe/bag warehouse XX

    Liked by 1 person

  2. juliereid01 says:

    Morning Helen….I may go back tomorrow …..xx


  3. Lisa says:

    That pizza looks gorgeous !! Get yourself back to the shoe and bag place pronto See you soon xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. juliereid01 says:

      I’m tempted ! Xx


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