Staying in the UK….for now.

Well I’ve been back home for two weeks and I must admit  that most of that has been recovering from jet lag.   The first week back I was sleeping during the day and awake all night.  Several times I tried staying awake as long as I could during the day to turn the pattern round but it didn’t work… I just stayed awake all night too !   I realised in the end that you just have to sleep when you are tired… once I did that it seemed to put itself right and I now feel pretty much back to normal.

The trip itself was a great experience for me.  I have been before but as holidays with my family and loved every minute of it.  This time I was on my own and looking at the place with a view to living there.  I didn’t find that easy.  Randy and the kids were back in the UK and anything I came up with or wanted to talk about had to be scheduled to when they were home ..and awake.   Carol and Barry took great care of me.   Driving  me around areas to live, taking me to local shops and businesses to get a taste of things, introducing me to their friends and also making sure it was a bit of a holiday too.   They are such lovely people and I thank them for everything they do for us.

Since coming back we have all had time to reflect on our decision to move to the USA and have had long discussions about everything involved.  With that in mind, we have decided that moving there would not be the right thing to do at this very moment in we are going to postpone it for now.

As you know, our main reason for wanting to live in the US is to be with our kids.  Both Nick and Alex have duel nationality and are able to live and work there.   Alex will join the US Air Force this year so once we are there she would not be with us for long as would be moved to Texas for her training.   Nick wants to stay here to finish his final year A levels at 6th form college… we wouldn’t actually be with either of our kids for that first year.  I think most people know I was quite upset at the thought of leaving Nick behind and the more I’ve thought about it, I just don’t want to.

Another main concern of ours was taking our dog Barney.  He is soon to be 15 years old and I’m not sure about him doing the trip or acclimatising to a new area and country.   We could never ever leave him behind as he’s a Reid…. we would take him at the drop of a hat and were very happy to… but it’s another negative in our heads on our  list of pros and cons.

So….  although not completely decided….the discussions are still ongoing …. we are postponing our move for now, most certainly until Nick has finished his A levels.  In some ways I’m sad that we aren’t doing it right now,  it is  such an exciting adventure and I feel our family is very lucky to have the opportunity.     This is by no means the end of our dreams…… Randy would love to go back to his home country… the kids want to live there … and I still want my adventure.  We just need a bit more time here to ensure it happens smoothly for the whole family.  Alex will still travel over later in the year for her recruitment into the US Airforce and I will go back and forth at that time to get her settled.  

Last week I had lots  (and I mean lots !) of people ask why we don’t rent our house out when we go.  To be honest with you we had not really thought about doing  that.     So that’s a new train of thought for us also.  I actually like the idea of keeping a base here for sometime in the future.  We will see….

I will continue with my blog.   Christa, who originally talked me into doing it would like me to and to be honest…I love doing it.   It will now become more of a diary of me, my family, and how we are progressing with our plans. Please feel free to comment as I love to hear what you think.

My favourite time in the Uk has arrived.  Spring has sprung and warm days have replaced miserable winter weather..for the time being anyway.  We are continuing to declutter and this next two weeks will be spent clearing the shed and greenhouse, weather permitting.

Next week we have Grand National Race day at the Reids.  We do this every year.  All the family arrive and we have lots of food and drink.   We choose  our horses in the Grand National and the men go to the betting shop to place all our bets.  We have our own sweepstake and  everyone  pays for a lottery ticket and a scratch card.  It’s the only day of the year that we have a gamble on everything and lots of food and drink ensures lots of fun and laughter.  We settle down to watch the race and scream at the television for our horses, not mentioning names ….oh ok then…but Sally and Michelle are the loudest of the lot.  More food in the evening and it’s usually a great day..

Thank  you for reading my blog.   I love knowing you’re there and reading your comments.

Until next time …



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  1. Lisa says:

    Mixed emotions Julie…I hope you are all basically happy with your decisions about your collective futures! Wow what a lot of thought goes on each day. Enjoy every minute you have making those decisions. In the end it has to be right for you all. Lots of love, hope to see you soon. Lisa (Ping)! ❤️❤️😘

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  2. Christa says:

    It was lovely waking up this morning to a new blog entry. I have certainly missed these little snippets into the life of the Reids. I am delighted that you have decided to continue with the blog Julie. I am sad to read that the adventure is on hold for now as I know who much it meant to you as a family and it was a huge part of your everyday life for several months, however, I am sure that when the time is right you will resume with the big move and be more certain about your future. Lucky for all of us though as we keep you a little longer! 😁X

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  3. Christa says:

    What a lovely surprise waking up this morning to your latest blog Julie. I have to admit I have missed these little snippets into the life and times of the Reid family. I am also delighted to hear that you are going to continue with your blog as I am sure everyone will agree it is such a good read. I am sorry to hear that the big adventure has to be postponed as I know you have come so far with this and planning for the move this summer has been such a huge part of your life over the past year, however, I am sure that when the time is right you will find your wings and fly off to that dream. Luckily for all of us we get to keep you for a little longer, which is a really good thing! 🙂

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  4. Sue warner says:

    Hi Julie so glad you had a great time. I’m happy you are staying here I’m sure you will know when the time is right for you to make the move. But I’m sad theres no boozy party 😂 Hope to see you soon xxx Keep up your lovely blogs and enjoy National day. Xx

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  5. Anonymous says:

    What ever you all decide I’m sure it will be the right decision and you will be very happy
    Dave and Shirley xx

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