Loving this sunshine ..

It’s been a while since I blogged as not a lot has been happening since our decision to postpone our move. This more seems like a diary to update you on life in the Reid household.
Since my last blog I’ve had a birthday. That was a great day. My brother Martin and my sister Lisa picked me up and took me to the wine bar for lunch. The weather was lovely and we sat outside drinking champagne and eating and just watching the world go by. In the evening my family and friends arrived with gifts and cards and we had a barbecue. I received beautiful gifts and flowers from friends and family.. I really am very lucky to have such lovely friends and family that care so much. All in all a really nice day…..just how birthdays should be.

As you know I have completed the process of my visa entry into the United States… I had my application, my medical.. my interview and my visa entry to San Francisco in March. At all of these I had to give my biometrics which consists of fingerprints taken and a camera shot of my eye. So at least three times they have taken this information. After that I should be sent my green card which enables me to work in the US and my Social Security number.

Well….. you would think everything is going to plan. And so did I until our friends in America that we will be staying with initially received a letter, addressed to me at their address saying that my biometrics had to be taken and I need to go to to the Department of Homeland in Oakland on a particular day to do this. I immediately panicked, tried calling them and eventually sent them a letter stating I wasn’t in the US currently and they have this information, already given three times ! Unfortunately, as before you are unable to speak with anyone to help you so I sent a letter from the US address and hoped for the best. Three weeks later I received another letter saying the same thing and giving a new date.! So I sent the letter again and this week I’ve received another letter..exactly the same requesting me to go to the address in Oakland and give my biometrics for a date in August. Very frustrating but I’m hoping the next letter is for a date in September, as I will be over there then and I can go and give my biometrics again. So I still haven’t received my green card.. wish me luck on this one and I’ll let you know how it goes !

Now that the weather has warmed up I’ve managed to start clearing our garden. Having lived here for over 25 years, I’ve accumulated lots of garden bits. My garden is full of weird and strange objects and I can’t take them all with me. It’s been hard getting rid of things and I’m nowhere near finished yet.

My daughter Alex is planning her trip to New Jersey in two weeks. She will be visiting Justin’s family and is looking forward to seeing him. This is now going to be a long distance relationship but I think they’re both prepared for that in their career choices. I’m sure as it gets nearer she will be getting excited, just the final A levels to get through first.

 Alex and Justin 

London is one of my most favourite places in the world. I’ve visited the city so many times. sometimes just to take photographs or sit and have coffee in Soho or Covent Garden. I just love to be there, with so much to see and so many different people visiting. I’ve been saddened by recent terrorist attacks on our beautiful city and it’s people, both in London and Manchester. It made me look at some beautiful pictures of our Capital.

It’s been an emotional couple of weeks for our family. My brother Geoff has been in hospital and I’m pleased to say he’s now home recovering from an operation and waiting for his next one. Geoff is always smiling and laughs the whole time, finding something funny to say about most situations…. times like this bring us together closer as a family….. I love every one of them and send our Feffy lots of luck and love.

 Geoff with Martin…. their favourite pastime !

 I think that brings you up to date on life in the Reid house. Thank you so much for reading. Please do comment so I know people are still interested.

Until next time….



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve loved reading your blogs auntie Julie and have missed them dearly xx love to all xx

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    1. juliereid01 says:

      And this is from…. ?


  2. Helen says:

    another lovely read hope the biometrics gets sorted xxxx

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  3. Lesley says:

    Love reading your blogs Julie xx

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